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Hi All

Just picked up this car. The clutch pedal is almost on the floor. It does not release the clutch fully even when pushed hard to the floor making gear changing difficult but not impossible. I was led to believe that the clutch was heavily worn (133k miles) but I could not get the clutch to slip even in 5th accelerating uphill. With the clutch pedal on the floor there was no drive so could stand in gear at lights. When released came up perhaps half and inch at most and plenty of drive and no sign of slip. Sometimes while driving along there is a bong noise and the clutch pedal springs up fully. If this has happened it offers no resistance when pressing it back down until almost on the floor.

Previous owner said that problem appeared quickly rather than slowly with wear. A new clutch cable was fitted 6 months ago. Having just had the head done he decided to sell rather than have the clutch done.

Anyone any ideas on how to tell if the clutch is US or if the cable linkage is playing up.



If you want to put the clutch under maximum load, try accelerating uphill as before but with the box in 3rd[SIZE=1]. Very quickly, with the throttle still wide open blip the clutch then drop it. If all's well, after quickly rising, engine revs should drop back to normal rpm. It's kind of a harsh test; if the clutch is on the way out this could well kill it but at least you'll know.

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