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How are you all doing up there Noz. Keeping well I hope.

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the long delay in replying. I haven't looked at this site for a very long time.

We're all doing well here. We've managed to survive the corona without too much trouble given that we had a practice run in 2009 during the financial crash. My daily runabout C5 is getting a bit older now having had it seven years. I have been looking around for a replacement for the best part of 18 months trying to hold out for a wicked red 2.0L HDi Exclusive Tourer to no avail. I eventually settled for a dark blue on back in March just before the lockdown started. It has been sitting on the drive since having never moved an inch.

Having conquered the garden over the last 3months, I turned my attention to the garage. Our garage gets cleaned regularly, once every 20 years whether it needs it or not. Having now cleared it of all the rubbish and put most things back on hooks or shelves I can now see and access my old 2.5TD XM. It went into the garage 10 years ago with a head gasket failure. I stripped the head off and all the ancillaries and never got any further. The bores are slightly worn with the traditional lip at the top. MY friend has a mobile honing machine so I have spent the last could of days dropping the sump and removig the pistons. I'll get the head skimmed and rebuild the car. It is in really good condition having sat in the garage for 10 years. However, I noticed a few corroded brake pipes when I was underneath. I'll need to repipe some of it at least.

Anyway, I trust all is well with you and yours. I don't know where all the XM owners have gone. Do you? Have they found a new home somewhere?

Kind regards,

Hi Noz

Lovely to hear from you. I think I may have the very car you were looking for, the file doesn't seem to want to load - hopefully it will appear.

We have two X7 estates, We have run 406 estates for about 10 years as after most of the XMs dissapeared I didn't care much for the Mk1 but by chance I saw an X7 advertized fairly locally and just went to try it with no real intention of buying. The ride comfort just blew me away and so I bought it - that's the 'Wicked Red one.

Shortly after that Christine's 406 died and she had taken rather a fancy to the C5 so we bought another one, this time with all the bells and whistles, leather, parking sensors, sat nav etc but manual and steel springs which give a ride that surpasses anything else I have tried on the road. Similar suspension to the CX but without the hydraulics.

As for the XM owners, quite a few migrated to the other forum but even that is dwindling now, the XM seem to be a classic now rather than an every day car with relatively few owners. I still have three 2.5 estates at the top of the field belonging to John XMexclusive, he parked them here five or so years ago and for various reasons hasn't been able to collect them, one has almost completely dissapeared into the undergrowth.

Still managing to repair my own cars but at 81 I don't know for how much longer.

Hope you and the family are well

Mmmmm, I do like that shade of red. I'll have to put up with my blue one though. It is a 64 plate. I never saw a red one newer than a 59 plate which is the reg of my current runabout but it is charcoal grey, not very exciting. I wonder if Citroen stopped supplying that colour or if there were so very few registered.

I hope I'm still working on cars when I get to your age ! I have another 25 years to go to get there.

Take care and all the best to you and yours,

That colour is a favourite of mine, one of the reasons I went to look at the car, with the colour and the ride I couldn't resist it.

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