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Full Version Citroen XM ZPJ 12V starter motor problem

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hello my friend,
I got a problem about my XM with ZPJ engine...

I found the starter motor is too lazy to run my car at morning...
and when I go back to home , switch off my car and start again,
I just sound a noise from the solenoid, and the starter motor didn't run the engine....

my question is
is it easy to change the starter motor (and how many job I shound do?)


is it a common problem about this engine and have any solution about it?

thank you!

Eric Chen
I only ran 2.1 diesels but they were not to difficult to change. A few basic checks might be in order first.

If you have a multimeter connect between the large starter terminal and earth and check that you have at least 9 volts there with the starter engaged, if you don't you either have a poor connection or a duff battery. If there is much less connect the meter across the battery and make sure you have 12 v there also with the starter engaged, if you do a poor connection on the starter wiring is probably the cause or the battery earth connection.

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