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L114FPB is in for some pre MOT work. Last years advisories notes a leak around the accumulator. During and after last years Tour of France it was apparent Iíve been leaking resulting in frequent top ups exhausting my supply of LHM picked up during the trip.

Inspection has revealed a crack in the LHM pump and leaks around the accumulator and weíre now trying to source a new or second hand pump although they appear to be something of a rarity.

eBay may be able to come to the rescue with this seller with pumps from Xantia to BX.

Before buying though and without the car which is over at the garage and the pump which is now somewhere in France with an agent looking to pick up the part - I donít have any reference photos to send to the seller so they identify the correct pump.

Does anyone know which p/n or have a photo handy of the pump that is on the 2.0i Turbo engines from a late series 1 prestige? (Or even better a new or reconditioned pump handy that would do the job).


Hi Paul

The ebay seller of the new pumps asks for the cars VIN before he will supply.
He is a long term trader based in SW London.
One of the few still repairing old Citroens.
His NOS items were mainly sourced from French factory disposals by Citroen.
He will do a proper check that the part is right.

I have purchased from him recently.

Hi Paul,

I'm not sure when the change was made from the early single output HP pump to the later 6+2 pump (anti-sink models) but it appears that is what the ebay seller above is offering.

Citroen Service lists the early XM HP pump as p/no 95006777 (NFP) described as "HIGH PRESSURE HYDRAULIC PUMP POULIE DIAM 132.5 - TURBO INJECTION EXCHANGER AND 1.998L"

This other pump currently offered on ebay may be of interest:

Mine certainly isnít anti-sink (which I kinda like) . Thanks everyone and good to know the seller is knowledgeable.
Anti-sink on the XM's started in July 1994 as part of the Mk 2 launch.
It was then ONLY fitted to those models that had a completely new engine type.
So that July 2.5TD's (DK5 engine) and 2.0 (XU10J4R engine) were the only SC/MAC fitted XM's.
The fitting to other models was a very protracted process.
For example the V6's were sinkers until July 1997 when the ES9J4 engine was used.
With 2.1TD's the 6+2 pump was fitted when the XUD11BTE engine was introduced.
No mention here of SC/MAC, just the revised pumps (Hydraulic & EPIC).
Split launch for this engine, JAN 1995 for the manual gearbox version, JULY 1995 for the autobox version.

Itís a late 93 model so one of the last 1.5 XMs before the switch to Series II.

Now the workshop have been struggling to find as it appears to be a rare kind (perhaps only used on the late Series Is?? which got the later hydractive but not anti sink?) its ditingiuishing feature is apparently two connections one being a return pipe? (Iím just relaying what Iíve heard over the phone, a picture would make this easier)

Given the only replacement found turned out to be leakier than the one it was replacing itís been sent away to be refurbished. 6 weeks at the garage and counting.
I have an odd pump in my workshop, no idea where it came from as it uses a ribbed belt and all mine were 2.1's which used a 'V' belt. I can take a photo of it and post it here if you think there's any chance of it being the right one.

Canít hurt. I put a call into Pleiades and they mentioned the odd belt tooth being a tell tale sign of a Xantia Activa pump as these are certainly of the rare kind. Could this also have been used on some XMís?
Pulley diameter 5"
Iíve now been told mine has three pipes and I seem to have a rather interesting setup where the pump on mine is generating far more PSI in the range of 80 which apparently is far more than the earlier or later models needed.

Some kind of experimental version of hydractive before they settled on the version in the Mark II XM.

Waiting for a picture from the workshop.
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