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Full Version Turbo failure?

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Something has happened to the acceleration of my 1995 2.0 turbo petrol injection estate.

It seems to have happened on one day. Instead of accelerating it now 'gathers speed'.
It is especially noticeable in hills.

It will still do 70MPH on the motorway so I don't think it is fuel starvation.

How easy is it to check if the turbo has seized up?

Will a seized up turbo cause it to fail the emissions test in an MOT? Will it affect the Miles per Gallon detrimentally?


I only know about diesel turbo's which very rarely fail but a sudden loss of power certainly points in that direction. Disconnect the air intake hose from the turbo and you should be able to see/feel the rotor vanes, try and rotate it, if it turns OK and with no slop in the bearings it should be OK, could then be the turbo control system that's faulty.

Has anyone used an Endoscope camera fed down the air intake duct to see if the turbo is still turning?

7mm diameter cameras with integral LED lights are mounted on a USB cable.

If they are compatible with my Linux operating system, and I can avoid getting it sucked into the turbo I could save myself a lot of time.
Hi Brendan

I have obtained one with the intention of using it to probe the inside of sills.
Not sure about pushing it towards very fast moving mechanical parts.
Let us know how you get on.

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