Some time back the starter motor in our 92 Series 1 V6 (12 valve) XM started making some peculiar noise (sort of a loud grinding) when being used. A bit of back history keeping in mind that this XM is only 1 of some 52 every exported to the US via Andre Pol.

The previous owners had constant starting problems in that the starter solenoid would not engage with the key. So a by-pass button and relay were installed to take energy directly from the battery to the starter. About a month ago the noises started. A week ago I removed the starter and took to a local auto electrician near where we live (NE end of the Los Angeles Valley). Got the starter back, installed, got the same bloody 'grinding' and it still would not engage 100% of the time- better but not right. Removed and took it back to the rebuilder. He found the problem and repaired at no cost. Re-installed and had the same 'grinding' noise as previous.

Thinking it could be an alignment problem (though not real sure why) I loosened the 3 securing bolts about 1/2 turn from fully tight and started the car a couple of times. With each re-start the noise lessened. At the 6 or 7th start the noise was gone. Tightened the motor fully - started the car - no noise. Am again a 'happy camper' as we say over here:)

Though I would send in my experiences if anyone else every has the same thing happen.

Steve In Sylmar, CA USA