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I find it frustrating when I try to find parts for the exhaust system of my 2 Litre petrol Turbo Series 2 estate.

I previously downloaded a pdf copy of a Citroen XM series 2 'katalog' which may be from a microfiche set. On pages 1042 and 1061 it gives the following part numbers.

Front Silencer 96119135
Centre Silencer 96119136
Rear Silencer 96119138

I want the front silencer which has a long pipe attached to it.

When I search the internet using part number 96119135 I often see the centre silencer or a completely different exhaust part identified by that part number.

Am I making the error or is it confusion amongst the suppliers?

Can anyone recommend a competent but value for money supplier in South London or North East Surrey?
I have found someone in Reigate who can source the part.

Their website shows an illustration of the silencer I want so hopefully my search is over.
Hi Brendan

Most XM's left the factory fitted with a single piece silencer.
No joins except for special parts like cats or V6-24v engine pipes.
The Citroen Workshop Manual listed cut points and cutting tools for in service component replacement.
I suspect that the parts cat you looked at listed the spares to match the above.
It will have been published nearly 20 years ago.
Citroen have altered some part numbers over time.
In practice with exhausts few used Citroen for replacements due to cost.
A good number of aftermarket suppliers filled the gap with cheaper products.
Each of these produced their own product variations with their own part numbers.
The differences are usually small but can make extra work of matching old to new.
Brackets sometimes need adjusting, pipe angle changing and plain pipe shortening.
Occasionally spacers, joiner or even flexy sections are needed.
Exhaust fit bays expect this and are usually kitted out to make it fit.
DIY can be a bit more difficult if the parts are not a perfect match.

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