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Full Version Where has everybody gone?

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Hi all,

Where has everyone gone? My years as an XM owner meant many a helpful and informative visit to this forum for advise and banter.
Its all looking a bit sadly depleted now, with no posts since 2015 at all!

Is there a new XM forum where the cool kids hang out?
There is but that doesn't get as much post as it used to due to diminishing XM ownership.

My XM failed the MOT on rust mainly.

I wanted to get it welded up but life got complicated.
I had to look after my elderly parents.

Due to ULEZ and other factors I need to get rid of it now.

I would like to thank all who created and contributed to this Forum.
It has provided me with lots of information and inspiration over the years.

About ten years driving XM's. I really miss the comfort and sharp braking.

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