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Full Version My XM didn't pass the MOT

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Christian S

My XM didn't pass the MOT.

The reasons were rust in the subframe and a lamp named "Airbag" which I havn't seen before.

The "airbag" lamp i located right below the hydractive lamp , in the lower left corner together with tankmeter, speedometer etc.

Is this lamp suited to light up a self check at ignition on my XM? I never saw it light up on my first XM either.

I have a smal red diod on the right side of the steering wheel, at the lower buttons. Is this for the SRS-system? Lexia can't get any connection with the airbag.

Hi Christian,

If you cannot get the Lexia to communicate with the Airbag ECU then it would be worth checking to make sure the fuse which provides the ecu with power is still in a working condition. It will cost nothing to check but has a higher than average likelihood of success. Please let us know how you get on.


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Hi Christian

There are a number of development changes to dash displays on Mk2 XM's.

1995 model year XM's only had a drivers air bag with the warning red LED on the steering wheel. On these car the lower left indicator by the tacho is a black blank.
Details of this are found in owners manual version XM-GB-5005 pages 18 & 27.

In the 1996 model year the passenger air bag was added to most XM's.
This new air bag was coupled with the drivers air bag system.
The dash display was altered to include a new warning light to the bottom left of the tacho. Details of this revised arrangement can be found in the 1996 Owners manuals.
There were two versions due to changes during 1996.

If you have it I suggest you check the actual car manual copy.

If this is not available then let me know the car ORGA number and I will scan the relevant pages.

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