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Went to put in fuel this morning and could not. Bloody stuff kept spilling out. Got the car back home (Series 1 V6 - 1991), grabbed a flashlight and took a look. It seems that the plastic reducer - with the spring loaded flap - had some how gotten dislodged and fallen a bit further back in the opening. After somewhat of a struggle which included making up a heavy wire puller and with the help of a thin, long bladed screw drive, it seems to be back in the slot where it belongs.

Has anyone else experienced such a problem? Or, as a brand new to XM's inductee, the first one

Steve in Los Angeles, CA USA laugh.gif
It sounds like the pump nozzle had caught it and pushed it down.

The reducer was put in to prevent the accidental use of LEADED petrol (GAS) as their pump nozzles were bigger in diameter you would not be able to fit it in.

If it happens again you could remove it completely seeing as there is NO leaded petrol anymore.

That part I had figured out biggrin.gif. Though a bit frustrating the first time it happened as the auto shut off (back pressure related) was preventing me from adding fuel to the beast. If it ever happens again will just remove it. But seems fine now - so possible it was already dislodged, to some degree, when we acquired the car back in July. Being in California (USA) and in the Los Angles area in addition we have some of the most stringent regulations in the US regarding gas stations and nozzle designs. All for it as I am a avid cyclist and really do enjoy not being able to smell what I am breathing.
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