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Hello Group,

Having just acquired a 1992 XM (CXA import) I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Steve Hammond and a long time (since 1963) Citroen DS and SM owner. I live near Los Angeles,CA (USA) and am trying to get this beast somewhat sorted out. Nothing really major - overall it runs just fine. Has the 12 valve V6 along with the 4 speed auto box. We just took it on a 900+ mile (1448Km) trip to San Francisco and back with little problem.

Have a couple of question, however. Are key blanks still available for the car. It only came with one set of keys. And on that same note are rear hatch lock sets (barrels) still available?


Hi Steve

In the self help section you will find my guide to calculating your key code.
This can then be checked against any key codes recorded on the cars documents or books.
Owners Manual is usually stored in the passenger side fuse box lid found dashboard underside.
Code checks will confirm if any lock changes have been made to the car.
The Citroen cruicform key blades are known as SX9 blanks to locksmiths.
Over here Citroen still supply factory cut keys to code.
Locksmith copied keys often fail unless they have a code cutting machine and the costly
The most likely lock to fail on a badly cut key is the ignition switch.
SX9 key adapter for their machine.
I can refurbish and retumbler any XM locks.
I prefer to work from a key rather than to code.
Using the key proves the retumblering is correct.
Working from code is prone to age related errors in my case.
I have spare tailgate barrels available.

Best regards

Hi John,

Thanks for the information. Will check out the car's documentation. I did get a a 2nd hand rear hatch lock mechanism from Dave Burnham, but he did not have a key for it. Have the unit a local locksmith. If he is unable to re-tumble the barrel will let you know.

Take care,

Hi Steve,
if you remove the lock and dismantle it, clean out the mechanism, lubricate it and try, if it works , then you are good, if not, I don't know.
I had a full set of locks sent to me from Greece for the MK1, with the same token, I had purchased a MK2 locks, somewhat looks the same, but in reality they are different, hence I have it, didn't bother selling the set, maybe down the road there will be a need by someone.


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