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Full Version Removing Abs Sensors

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David Hallworth
I am trying to get the Rear ABS Sensors off the Series 1Saloon,

I have unbolted them, and got the sensors out of the arms. My only trouble now is finding where the sensors connect to the loom under the car.

As mine is off the road and cannot be raised, i am having difficuly finding them.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi David,

Unfortunately the connectors are outside the car rather than under the back seat like the CX. The connector is clipped to the chassis tube which runs from one side of the car to the other forming the mainstay of the rear subframe. They are a ^%$£ to get to and will almost certainly require you to remove the spare wheel and the carrier to get access.

Is it the near or off-side sensor you need to get to? If its the near side you may also have to move the rear silencer out of the way.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


David Hallworth
thanks noz,

will give it a go when the weather picks up again.
I aint doing it in the snow!

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