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I want the Citroen part number for the 2 part (2 bolt) exhaust joint clamp which is positioned between the catalytic converter and the first silencer.

It is for a 2 litre petrol injection turbo estate 1996.
It has 3 silencers, the middle one is transverse.
It uses a large bore exhaust pipe. The 'swellings' at the joints are about 90mm in diameter.

My local main dealer is struggling to identify it. Their info says it is 69mm diameter.

I have previously bought the single bolt C clamp for the rear joints. Its part number was 171369. It was about 90mm diameter.

Alternatively, can you tell me where I can get a comprehensive set of Citroen part drawings and lists.

Many thanks,
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For 2.0 litre petrol engines the single bolt clamp after the catalyst is shown as part no 1713 66 (for 66mm diam pipe).

If the diameter quoted is for the size of the inner "hole" in the clamp then they might be right.
If the "v" of the clamp is 10mm deep then 69mm plus 2 x 10mm = 89mm.
That would be about right to clamp up a pair of 90mm flared pipe ends.

If the clamp is cheap it might be worth buying to try.

When I search for the 171366 clamp I get the single bolt design.

I want the twin bolt type.

Somewhere I read that the turbo slows down the speed or pressure of the exhaust gas and so a larger bore exhaust pipe is needed to get rid of the gases.
Most decent car parts shops should have a range of relatively cheap two bolt clamps.
The advantage of the Citroen single bolt type is the greater clamping area and the stainless steel construction (but not the bolt).
The Bosal catalogue at shows several two bolt clamps, eg part nos 254-386 and 254-930.

The turbo extracts pressure and heat energy from the exhaust gases and thus a bigger bore exhaust will have a lower back pressure thus maximising the recovery of energy available to compress the intake air.

Hi Brendan

Have a look at ebay item 291040626935.

Supplier seems to have a large range of NOS Citroen bits.
Have bought from them and service is good.

I WAS WRONG, it is a 69mm clamp at this position. It is difficult to tell until you remove the old clamp.

The exterior diameter of the pipe is 60mm and the joint flanges are about 70mm at their widest.

The cheap 2 bolt clamp I fitted was marked '69mm'.

The exhaust was knocking against the chassis plate beneath it and so I wedged up the exhaust before tightening the bolts on the clamp.

Many thanks for your help and apologies for wasting your time.

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