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Michael P

I just bought an XM (my first one) sei and I just wanted to know about the glove box mechanism. I suppose something is not right. There is some trype of gas strut or damper element. It does not seem to support the lid but it only seems to dampen the fall of it. I suppose it is broken. How is a proper unit working? Do I pull the lock handle and then the box opens fully? Maybe someone can enlighten me what the designers had in mind.


Hi Michael and welcome to the XM madhouse.

Yes, the glove box lid should open by itself when you press the button. I dont think that there are any pattern parts available for that application, it will have to be a Citroen job, although you should be able to get hold of a secondhand one, there are quit a number of cars being broken on e-bay.

Hi Michael

Just no gas in the strut. The more common glove box problem is usually a broken release catch and with makes the lid stay permanently open if the strut is working.
You have to take the glove box out to change the strut. Edridge Motors in Croydon supply second hand spares at reasonable prices. I will find the number and add in another post.


Michael P
Thanks for your help. Will trawl the scrappy first. Let me see what else needs fixing. SO far this car seems unusually well looked after.


biggrin.gif Hi, Michael,
I have just had two glovebox struts recharged. Cost NZ$5 each, Done by an airconditioning firm, took about ten minutes!!

Regards, Ernie.
A long way to take them though!
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