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Hi, All,
Can someone please explain what the curved article in the dash alongside the oil level gauge is? It appears to be a tube showing the level of something!! I'm asking about a series 1 XM. V6 auto.
My ZX has a similar oil level gauge but it changes to show the oil pressure when the motor is running, I am wondering whether the XM gauge should do this too?
Mr Haynes is no help at all with this!!
smile.gif I have scored myself a genuine set of Citroen Manuals,(four books in all) and they tell me that the curved tubelike thing is an "oil level gauge (engine not running)" and that the needle to its left is an "oil pressure gauge".
I still query the operation of the needle (oil pressure) gauge, because it shows a reading of about threequarters even before the motor is started!! and drops to zero after about ten seconds.
Any comments?

I think that the illuminated curved part in white and red is purely associated with the inner red needle and the two together are only the oil level guage. On switching on the ignition the red needle should move to give an idea of level against the illuminated crescent. After a delay, the needle returns to zero. The indication is extremely sensitive to how the car is sitting due to location of the sender and it's most accurate when the car is on level ground. I don't think a pressure guage was fitted.


I would confirm, that is the normal operation of the oil level gauge. The reason it drops to zero is that it cannot measure the level when running, partly because the level drops when the engine is started and also because it would be covered with splashed oil which would cause it to read full.

Michael P
On my old BX it was a level gauge for 10 seconds and then it changed to a pressure gauage while the engine was running. Both of them proved to be extremely fault prone due to bad contacts etc.
What they measure (units / calibration) is a mystery to me. I don't know what all these gauges are good for if they don't show any figures or units.

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