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Hello guys,

My mechanic changed the head gaskets on my XM V6 ZPJ.
After installation of the belt system, some checks in the ignition system was made and bad function were found in injection module 3 Fenix ​​BVA / So2 S111700211.
The faulty module was replaced by a 3 Fenix ​​BVA / So2 S101700201, but only three cylinders worked.
I need know if this problem can happen because of the change of the module?
Yesterday I caught another module BVA 3 / So2 S101700211 and my supplier spoke that my XM V6 should function normally with other modules if they are BVA (for automatic transmission).
Thank you!


The V6 ZPJ with 4HP18 auto was fitted to XM production for about 8 years.
As far as I can check the wiring of the engine ECU did not change.
There were at least 3 changes to the ECU markings.
The early ECU's were made by BENDIX.
About 1992 SIEMENS aquired BENDIX.
So the ECU's got a new number and manufacturers name.
In 1994 when the Mk2 XM was introduced I think the SIEMENS ECU got a new number.
All these ECU's are marked FENIX 3.

The later XM ESJ9 engine 4HP20 auto combination work electronically as a pair.
So on these models different engine ECU's are needed for autobox and manual gearbox versions.

I do not think the 4HP18 autobox interfaces electrically with the engine ECU.
So the manual version of the V6 ZPJ (ME5 gearbox) also uses the same FENIX 3 engine ECU.

So in answer to your question I do not think your ignition system problem is caused by the change of ECU.

XM engine ECU's are very reliable and seldom fail.
Unfortunately the rest of the V6 ignition system does give problems.
Particularly so after it is disturbed by work on the engine.
This is often not the fault of the person doing the work.
Just removing and remaking connections can cause the fault(s).
It does mean everything has to be checked again.

I will see if I can get one of the members with ZPJ's to read this.
Hopefully they will be able to confirm that any FENIX 3 ECU can be used on any ZPJ engine.

Hi John,
Thanks very much by your attention, your information help me very much!
Iím waiting by others posts!
Have a great day. smile.gif

Best regards
Jeferson Rodrigues
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