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Full Version New Tyre Rating Labels - any good?

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Its been over a year since I bought any tyres for my XM and I will soon need two 205/60 V15s.
I normally buy cheap new 60 tyres as I am not a racer and because I would cry less if I ruined a cheap tyre in a pothole.
I am prepared to spend money on tyres for my road bicycle because I can feel the difference a good tyre makes.

However the claim that an efficient tyre would save me a significant amount of fuel per year could make me invest in a more expensive tyre for my car.

Do you have any recommendations or know of any good websites where I can get genuine unbiased information?

Many thanks,
Hi Brendan

I have always used budget tyres in my 15+ years of XM ownership and can assure you that whatever tyres you use it will make very little difference to your fuel consumption, its all down to how and where you drive, some tyres do have less rolling resistance but they are usually harder and noisier.

I have run 2.1 td manual estates and driving them gently on longish runs you can achieve over 50 mpg but have never noticed any variation from this whatever tyres I have used even running them slightly under inflated for improved comfort.

Some tyres may give a slight improvement in consumption but it will be offset by the extra cost. I am currently using Nexen tyres at 44.50 +vat, (195.65,15) they have a relatively soft tread giving good comfort and quietness although they probably won't last quite as long as a harder tyre but I prefer the comfort

Hi Brendan, i'm with Peter here, don't buy a tyre on a promise of improved mpg but for your normal day to day driving style where you will notice the performance. As Peter states, price does not always guarantee the quality of the tyre. I got my last set from here
(National) and what a great tyre it has proven to be, see the test report, it really does work on the xm.
Another question.
Do I have to stick to the tyre recommendations in the manual?

For the XM 2L petrol injection turbo estate it specifies a tyre speed rating of V (150mph) and a load rating of 94.

I can't find a 94V in that tyre size. I have been told that the load index is the most important part.
I can buy a 95H tyre. Can I compromise on the speed rating and reduce it to H?

Limiting my speed to 130 MPH won't be a problem. However some say the rating is related to the engine power and so limiting my speed is not a total solution.

I am mainly concerned about the legal and insurance aspects of this dilema.
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