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afternoon XMists

just wondering if any one knows of a modern sensor that will replace the water level sensor in the header tank of a 2.5 diesel mine is currently held in with tywraps as one of the lugs has broken off.

i spoke with the local Citroen dealer but he said there are none in the country and even if he can get one im lookinh at 45 for it!! its only 2 wires sticking into the coolant cannot see why so expensive!

i figure there must be something else that will fit and do the job so thought id ask if anyone else has solved this prob before i start looking


Have a wander round a scrap yard, if there are still any that you can, we have one down here.

thanks for the suggestion Peter but we haven't got many scrapyards you can walk round left up here

plus I wouldn't want to scare the old girl if I took her to a scrap yard she would probably think I was going to leave her there laugh.gif

Hi CRX, I would think any 3 wire, 2 probe x 40mm length would work, but you would probably need to rework the boss for fitting.
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