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Hi all,

I recently had to refurbish my front brake calipers because I couldn't get the parking brake to hold for the MOT. I've written up a self-help file with photos in case someone else has the same problem.

Please note the self-help file contains an extensive description of the proper operation of the brake caliper which is required in order to understand why it refuses to stay adjusted and work properly.

Any questions, just ask. If you find any errors or omissions please let me know and I'll correct them. If you have any other information which could be added to the file to aid understanding and improve it please let me know and I'll amend it accordingly.


noz cool.gif
Splendid piece of work there Noz - well done!
Two questions - who supplies the Bosch overhaul kits and at what do they cost?

HI Ken,

I can't quite lay my hands on the invoice right now but I'm sure they came from the continent by post. I'll have a look later today. In the meantime here are three sites with repair kits for sale:


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Hi Noz

Very interested so thanks for writing this up.
I suspect that the spare components are for the type of calipers fitted to the early XM's.
These are identified by the diecast cruciform parking brake operating lever.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thats why Ive had parking brake lever arms lift upwards! The Circilps are missing!

Thats a very informative piece, and how the auto adjust works..

I note its NOT for VERY early G, H or J reg cars with the Straight Arm lever for the cable connection...

Would you know if these calipers are exactley the same in operation?
Hi Ken,

Found the invoice. Please see attached. £56.38 inc VAT & P&P for two kits from

Hi Paul,

Having never owned an S1 I can't really say. However, someone who knows what the inside of an S1 caliper looks like should be abe to make the comparison. I'm fairly sure my braking system is Bendix. If the S1 was Bendix as well then theres a fairly good chance the self-help file will apply to them as well.


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Even cheaper here:


noz cool.gif
I can't imagine anyone doing a better write-up on the subject. I took the liberty to download the pdf. Thank you very much biggrin.gif
Brilliant write-up Noz. cool.gif
I have just bought 2 kits from "micks garage" using your link to do mine.
Good write up. Is there a similar kit for the Bendix brake caliper?

I am lead to believe there is a 3mm diameter difference between the two in terms of the piston diameter, are there any other differences?
All 3 types of front brake caliper fitted to XM were BENDIX designs.
All rears were Citroens own design.

The original Front Caliper was used up to ORGA 5229 (03/1991).
It takes a 22mm thick 276mm ventilated disk.
The piston size was 57mm.
The 116mm ABEX 349 brake pads have two small pointed projections on the outer edge of the steel backing plate.
Pad area is 45 sq cm.
The parking brake operating lever is straight diecast cruciform cross-section.

From ORGA 5229 the front caliper used a 26mm thick 283mm ventilated disk.
The piston size was also 57mm.
The 119mm ABEX 949 brake pads have no pointed backing plate projections.
Pad area is 50 sq cm.
The parking brake operating lever is shaped from round bar.

The third type of front caliper was used only on 2.5TD and V6 car built after ORGA 7483.
The type is BENDIX 5Z0.
It uses a 28mm thick 288mm disk.
The piston size is 60mm.
Never looked at one of these so know no more.

The repair kit Noz has identified contains all the components needed to overhaul the first two types of caliper.
Beware the odd UK supplier offering Pug 605 kits as XM ones.
These lack the parking brake components as the 605 had this fitted to the rear calipers.
The same goes for front brake pads.
Pug 605 ones are the same size as XM ones but all the pads lack the pips on the rear to operate the parking brake auto adjuster.

Thanks, John. That makes it clear, apart from Nightmare buying the last two kits from Micks Garage!!
Not yet found a source of these kits.

Had a problem with one 2.5 where the parking brake levers did not return fully.

Needed a quick fix for MOT.

I fitted springs between the parking brake arms and the cable stop.
Pig of a job to thread the cables through and hold the compressed springs.
Once done the parking brake arms returned fully.
They snap back with a lot more force when released.

Source of springs: Toolstation box of various compression springs.
Size used 63.5mm long 12.3mm coil diameter.

Hi John,

When you say you haven't found a source is that for the solution to the first two types of caliper or the third one you mention above? the reason I ask is that the repair kit I bought from Micks Garage is back in stock here:

Does that help at all?


noz cool.gif
Hi Noz

283mm bits are my main need.
I have been on their alert list since 2013.
The item is marked out of stock but they still list it.
They and a number of other ebay suppliers operate this way.
When you phone they take order payment then refund a few days later as unavailable.
The 2.5 A/C jockey wheel and arm went the same way.

Best regards

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