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Hello everybody,

for two days i am aproud owner of an XM V6 24v 200 Hp and we all know what that means....

There is a lot of fun with this motor but it is difficult to find parts.

Does anybody of you know where i can get one or two of those:

user posted image

Sorry, i forgot to write what this is. It is one of the vacuum-valves of the inlet system (ACAV).

Thanks alot from germany
Greez René
I suppose this is a series I XM? I may not be able to help you, but what are the specs for this model, year, ORGA #?
Here in Brazil I seek parts pro XM or Peugeot 605, because these cars use the same engines.

They are fitted to the PRV 90 deg V6 24v Engine only. There are three on the inlet manifold which alter the manifolds.. something or another for better air flow, and more power... Apparently they open up at three stages and can be felt...

Ive got some, but MOST sorry, am keeping them for my own 24v.

Model years, 1990 to 1993 Ish...
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