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Full Version C5 steering rack help needed. Which one?

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I posted this over on clum xm not realizing there were two forums dedicated to XMs.

It cant hurt to ask here too.

Hopefully someone can help.

My 02 C5 has a bad fluid leak at the pinion on the steering rack.

The motor factors list two racks. One has 2.75 turns lock to lock, the other 3.25 lock to lock.

Mine has exactly 3 turns lock to lock.

Can anyone suggest if either would be a suitable compatible replacement?

Any help would be good as the garage has had the car for a week with no success.

On someone suggested if get the RP code.

On the door jam there is a sticker with the numbers. 09375CJ. 10243. EKQD**

Does that help?

Thanks, Peter


Send me your VIN number by PM and I'll look it up on Citroen Service.


noz cool.gif
Pm sent, I think
Hi Peter,

Part numbers in the diagram below/attached.


noz cool.gif
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