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Gallic oddity
Hello. New to the forum, new to Citro├źns!

Just bought a 1996 Exclusive, autobox

Blind eBay auction. Jeepers huh.gif
But I do have a recent history of Lancia Beta Saloon(x2), a Trevi, Maxi, Wolseley Landcrab, X1/9, Alfa 6, Alfa 33(x2), Rover P6B...

MOT 12 months, taxed, so popped it on the multi-car classic insurance policy; driving it about all this week

user posted image

DVLA says just 23 others left
Hi and welcome to the club

Congratulations on your purchase, there are very few if any other cars that combine the ride quality, space and economy (manual) of the 2.1 td, I have been running them for over 15 years, I still have one left but don't very often get to drive it as my son has adopted it. I am running C5s at the moment as they are a cheap as XMs used to be and almost as good.

Welcome wink.gif

I have to agree with Peter on all points bar the engine and gearbox. My choice is the V6 and an automatic...

I'm late into XMs and have only been with them less than a year but love them to bits..

I have been running Xantias for years and years and years...

Gallic oddity
user posted image user posted image user posted imageuser posted image

Now selling!

See Sales section
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