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Full Version C5 SX 1.6HDI 2008

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Had to scrap my XM which has totally depressed me. I have the chance of the above C5. Its done 110000 and looks and drives like new.
Problem is I have spoken to my trust Citroen engineer and he said don't touch it with a barge pole !!
He thinks it will need a cam belt, bottom pulley, turbo and egr. He thinks the 2 ltr is much better. The one I am interested in is the right money for me.
Any advise welcome as I love the car.

I have the early 8 valve 2.0. Hdi in both the C5 and a 406 and they are a brilliant engine, the 406 one has done 212,00 miles, it starts instantly and will do over 60 mpg driven gently, they also have the advantage of no DPF and good access for servicing.

If you want a late one I would go for the 2.0.Hdi, the 1.6 seems to suffer from turbo problems, it works hard in the C5 and oil changes are to infrequent. The 1.6 is likely to be more reliable if you change the oil at half the recommended mileage.

I shall stick with the early ones though, they are very cheap and much easier to work on.

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