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Full Version 2.5 Fuel starvation?

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As you may have read (on the other forum) I broke down in November and had to be relayed back by the AA after an apparent fuel starvation issue. I assumed it was the fuel filter diaphragm gone porous. The other day I finally had time to get around to trying to find the problem. I connected a clear inline filter in place of where the main fuel filter goes to try and eliminate that but the problem is still there.

The car with run, sometimes will cut out but if you try to drive it under load or beyond 2000rpm it feels like there's a fuel blockage.

I removed the tank strainer which had a bit of gunk around the pick up and cleaned it up but it hasn't solved the problem, is there another filter anywhere along the way that could be blocked?

There doesn't seem to be any air appearing in the window of the clear inline filter and fuel seems to be flowing through.
Hi Endorfin,

It doesn't sound like fuel starvation to me. Off the top of my head here are a few possibilities;-

Turbo producing no pressure (check with any pressure gauge just at the inlet manifold, should be 1.0 - 1.2 Bar, check wastegate is not stuck open (common problem))
Air Filter Blocked (try removing it all together just as a test)
Intercooler Blocked (remove from car and wash out with petrol or engine cleaner)
Any of the large black hoses from the turbo to intercooler or intercooler to inlet manifold leaking. (temporarily repair with tape or replace if burst)
Sensing tube from inlet manifold to MAP sensor leaking (temporarily repair with tape or replace entire length of tube)
MAP Sensor disconnected (reconnect)
Some other problem with injection system resulting in Limp Home mode. (plug in Lexia to find out)

In essence, any problem on the air inlet side resulting in low inlet pressure at the inlet manifold will give you these symptoms. I take it the engine is smooth enough, it just lacks power?

Let us know how you get on.


noz cool.gif

Thanks for that, it's going to be unlikely that I will have time to investigate as I go to Australia next week and not back until March, at least it'll be a be warmer outside to work on the car when I get back!

When you say does engine run smooth, yes when running it's smooth but if you let it idle for a bit it starts coughing as if running out of fuel, sometimes pressing the throttle cable will keep it going for a bit or it will just cut out altogether.

I will do a quick test of removing the air filter to see if that solves the problem but not going to be able to find the time to do anything else before I go.
Finally got around to sorting this last week. Not used the car since November as I've been abroad.

Issue was still there, I thought I'd start by removing the veg oil in the tank and replacing it with diesel (I've done 20k on veg with no veg related trouble) and I swapped the fuel filter housings from a BX and put it on. Checked the air filter as you advised and there were a few leaves in the intake so cleared that out.

Took it for a drive and it drives perfect, loads of power, loaded the tank back up with veg oil, been using it all week without problems.

Not sure what it was to be honest, the fuel filter off this car is now on the BX which has done a couple of hundred without issue so can't be that. I can only put it down to the very small amount of leaves in the air filter? Just hard to believe that that could have caused such a problem.
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