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Full Version Doors Frozen!

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Hi All,

How do you stop the doors from freezing to the rubber seal?

Mechanically & electrically everything works as it should.

I had to resort to using a hairdrier for ten minutes to thaw it out before I could get in.

Would srraying SILICONE on the rubber seal harm it?
Silicone spray is a standard lubricant for the rubber "O" rings in plumbing waste fittings.
So it should be fine to use on door seals.

Yep, silicone spray. OR furniture polish, these contain silicones or beeswax, there's alaways some of that in the house. spray onto acloth and wipe over the seals.
Thanks for the replies lads I used some silicone lube that I got for window runners and that seems to have done the trick.

Mr sheen really does "shine umpteen things kleen".
Used it on the Xantia and it worked!
As Robertmorton said "Spray onto a cloth and wipe over the seals."
Just make sure SWMBO doesn't see you doing it or she'll have you polishing and dusting all through the house. rolleyes.gif
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