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I have a 2.5TD estate, for a good while now (a year or so maybe longer) when I'm driving along I can feel a vibration coming from the accelerator pedal.

I should mention that I'm deaf so I wouldn't be able to hear any related noises, I can just feel the vibration on the pedal, usually when accelerating, sort of like a buzzing, I'm imaging its something catching on something and I'm feeling the feedback coming through the pedal. There's no vibration in the vehicle itself, drives smooth as silk.

I had the cambelt and balance shaft belts, tensioners and idlers changed 4k miles ago by CMS Citroen in Bexhill, as well as new alternator and drive belt. In my paranoia I'm thinking maybe it's related to something here and a belt is rubbing against something and something is going to snap.

Sorry I can't be more specific than a vibration but hopefully someone else with a 2.5 may recognise the symptoms and give me a bit of a clue.
Pedal is bolted to metal work close to main chassis.
Cable not likely to transmit vibration.
So either the pedal clamp bolts are a bit loose or the chassis is vibrating.
That is a regular problem with the top rear engine mount.
Resetting after removal has to be by the book method to avoid this.
Did they take the mount off to do the belts?

Hi Endorfin,

It sounds to me like the first exhaust box is touching the shroud in the tunnel. I've noticed that most thord party exhaust manufacturers get the angle silgtly worng for the pipe coming out of the turbo. It needs a compound angle to get it in line for the first box to get through the narrow tunnel without touching the sides. Even if it does not touch the sides when it is cold it can end up touching the sides when it is warm and has expanded. To make matters worse, the engine moves on its mountings as you accelerate of decelerate. This causes the fist box to move slightly, in some cases enough to make it touch the tunnel shroud. As soon as it touches, engine vibration is transmitted through to all parts of the chassis and body. It can appear in whichever location that you find most sensitive. I found that I could feel it through the seat more than anywhere else.

The good news is that, if this is the problem, then the fix is realtively straightforward. Just slacken the clamp at the turbo outlet and the clamp between the first and second boxes and rotate the first box until the edges are clear of the tunnel shroud. For me, the box never ends up being flat but sits at an angle of some 15Deg or thereabouts in order to miss the tunnel.

Hope that helps


noz cool.gif
That makes a lot of sense. I'll ask my brother to have a look and sort it out for me when I go up to Wales, he has a vehicle lift so will be easier to get underneath it.

Thanks chaps.
I'd concur.

The fit of the boxes is fairly tight, needs some adjustment to fit well (especially for pattern ones), and can make some considerable noise and vibration.

In contrast, the accelerator is simply a cable to a potentiometer, and has no contact with anything mechanical.

Forgot to update on this.

It turned out to be worn rubber bungs in the centre of the exhaust, my brother fixed some bespoke ones and the vibrating has gone.
Glad to here you got it fixed.
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