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Full Version Re:independent Citroen Garage In Nw London?

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True to form the 1st cold night of the winter saw my car fail to start this morning sad.gif .My efforts to replace at least 3 of the 4 glow plugs did not result in the greatest mechanical triumph I have ever had sad.gif .In short I couldn't get any of them out!!!!!!I was also petrified of dropping sockets,bolts,washers etc down into the void below!!!!!My excuse is I am 6'3" tall and have large hands!!!!So can anybody recommend a reasonably priced Citroen Specialist within the North West London area.At least I managed to change the oil and filter tongue.gif
Many thanks as always!!
Regards Rob
Hi all.
I took my XM into have the glowplugs done yesterday.They took the top manifold off and did it in 1 hour 10 mins which I thought was pretty good as I took 1 hour to not even get one out!! wacko.gif It started 4th turn this morning-so a great improvement. tongue.gif They are the garage that put the seal on my fuel pump and have a chap who does a lot of work on XM's.If anyone needs a garage in the Harrow area they are Dellar's Car Care of Wealdstone 02088630020.
Amazingly my light warning buzzer started working after 8 months of not,the lights all work as they should now without the key in the ignition so the faults were connected(without the key in the ignition the left rear tail light was the only one working!!) blink.gif
Regards Rob
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