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Full Version Re:gluing Your Front Grill

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Hi all.
Just a quick post!!!!Don't waste 4 hours of your Saturday afternoon trying to glue your cracked grill......neither superglue or araldite works!!!!!!!!!!The lights are looking much better though..........thanks John!!!
Long live the French Automotive Design Concept!!!
Bon soir
The only way I succesfully glued mine was using fibreglass and resin on the back, but even that eventually went again, the fibreglass across the join snapped!

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Hi Robert

The offer of one to spray up still stands.
I repaired one with a similar crack to yours about 3 years ago. It was still good about 6 months ago when I saw it in the street (the only XM I have ever sold on). I used araldite but I drilled two sets of holes for thin steel pins. One pin was straight and joined the two pieces end to end, the other was bent up like an elongated staple and was inserted across the back of the break and then covered with araldite. Glad the lights were ok


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