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Full Version clutch pedal mechanism broken

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The clutch pedal mechanism has just called it a day om my 2.0sei turbo RHD. Its the plastic part that connects both the metal push rod and the clutch cable its self on the bulk head, Any idea's on how to find 1 or has anyone got 1? sad.gif
Hi Daniel

I suggest that you contact Robert Smart on this or the other XM forum. He had a Citroen Xm 2.0 TCT Turbo Petrol manual clutch cable for sale on ebay recently which didn't sell (ended 1/4/12). Look up ebay item no 170812263389.

There are four Citroen variants on the XM RHD clutch cable 2150 J5, J6, J7 (2.1TD) and J8 depending on engine/gearbox combinations. Suggest that you make sure that the engine bay cable lengths are similar if you intend to change the whole cable.

I changed my 2.1TD one when I had the engine out and it was still a pig of a job - front seat out, lying with my head in the footwell trying to get the plastic end bit hooked over the end of the clutch pedal which you couldn't quite see!!

Thank you

yeah going to be a mission getting it out let alone changing it! Thanks
PM and Text sent... wink.gif
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