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Full Version TCT exhaust manifold gasket part number

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Hi I bought one of these last year for my TCT, however now I am wanting to fit it I seem to have mislaid it, I can find the exhaust donut I bought with it but not the thing itslef sad.gif

However I do rember it was a total PITA to get it, so does anyone have the part number for this? I do want a proper citroen one BTW
The main Dealer will be able to access thee part number for you. \i wouldn't be so sure about supply!
Citroen Service lists the same exhaust manifold gasket 034992 for all XM Mk2 2.0 litre petrol engines at 32.28.

It's not the same as the standard petrol one! the turbo one is very differnt that much is certain. I had the part but have lost it
QUOTE (techmanagain @ )
The main Dealer will be able to access thee part number for you.  \i wouldn't be so sure about supply!

Indeed they can, but I really don't have the time to spend hours on the phone while they find the correct part..
Hi Zaphod,

You are right, I missed one for the XM II 5 DOOR SALOON 2.0 i 8v Turbo

0349 F4 @ 22.72

- UNTIL RPO No. 07664

0349 H0 - SINCE RPO No. 07665 @ 5.64

Big difference in price!


user posted image

No 4 - 0000034992 = 32.28 inc. VAT

You may need to replace the seal that goes between the manifold and turbo, not shown on the diagram, 15.79.

user posted image

Have you got the manifold off yet?


Problem now found not to be the gasket.. but a cracked turbine housing sad.gif
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