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Full Version C5 headlamp no show

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'02 C5

I have left my car standing for four months while I bicycled across the USA. The gremlins have been busy while I was peddaling.

The C5 has a light sensitive switch which automatically turns on the headlights on to the dipped beam when you turn on the ignition and it is dark outside. neither is bulb is lighting up, though the main beam bulbs do. When turning the switch on the end of the indicator stalk the result is the same. The side lights work.

I have not had a chance to check both dipped beam bulbs yet, but I am suspicious that a relay or fuse may be the culprit for their non illumination.

Does anyone know where I might locate the relay? Im guessin there will be a fuse to protect the dipped beam circuit too.

Any help would be useful.

Thanks in advance

Turns out both headlamp bulbs had blown.
Hi Peter,

Sorry, I wasn't tring to ignore your post. However, I don't have any wiring diagrams for the C5 and I've never worked on one.

Good to see you found what turned out to be a simple problem with an easy fix. If only they all were like that !


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