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Hi all,

I thought I'd kick off this new forum section with some parts which I have been pricing recently from China.

My thought process is that I find out the minimum order quantity and a price for a given part. I then find out the potential demand there might be. If the demand comes close to the (Miminum Order Quantity MOQ) then I'd negotiate the MOQ down to match the demand and place an order . Once here the parts would be distributed to the interested members. There would be no profit involved so no one from TPTB should be interested.

In the first instance it will be based on trust. If you say you will take a part at the stated price you would be expected to honour that commitment.

Any comments welcome, good or bad.

As a final thought, please post examples of parts which you'd like to be added to this list. If possible, please identify the Citroen part number or at least the model and year (and RP no.) of the car to which its fitted.

We'll try something simple first......


noz cool.gif
Good idea.
How about.......

....Strut tops!
I hope i'm not pouring cold water on the idea right at the start!
The setting up and manufacturing of strut tops would far outweigh the cost of having your own locally (EU) remanufactured ones - in my opinion. The potential manufacturer will ask for the portential market, only to be told that there are only (say) 5000 left in the world (and diminishing) and that includes S1 and S2.
No way, Jose!
I have to obtain the old units in the first place; dismantle them; clean them; have them modified so they won't go through the bonnet; anti-rust them; repaint them and pay for carriage from here to there and back again; keep remanufactured units in stock for immediate delivery (if possible) and make a profit to cover all these costs, and still sell them 200 cheaper than Citroen new price!
Thinking about it - what am I working for?
good, and encouraging idea, noz.

I have one concern, I live in Japan, so is it possible to add us to your joint-purchasing plan ?

if it's OK, I would vote Hi pressure pump. but may be difficult for the same reason as front struts.

or how about engine/mission mounts ?

Hello Noz,
I have an XM 2.5 TD VSX reg M584 PTO without air conditioning which had a serious LHM leakl.
I found out it is the hydraulic pump and after 10 days managed to get one from a car being broken up.
I am informed that on disassembly the hydraulic pipe from the pump to the accumulator behind the pump pulley, which is a one off type for this model without air conditioning, is so corroded as to be unuseable and cannot be repaired.
I have tried to get this pipe for four days now and am told they are all not available here or in France. All available on car breaks are also too badly corroded. I am told that it may be possible to make one.
Could you advise me on this, and also it would appear to be an item on your future list of parts along with the pump itself?
Best Regards, Colin.
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