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XM v6 sadist
Hi All

After just the other day mentioning to someone how well the exhust has lasted on my Xm, got into it this morning and the exhust started blowing. Where the second and third (last) boxes join.

I have a 24v 2000 XM. One of somewhere around 20 imported into the UK. Not really a trip down to Kwik-fit for me I presume. So my question is where would be the best place to get an exhust. I'm thinking of a specific citroen specialist factor or going to a "custom" made stainless steel manufacturer.

Anyone got thoughts where would be the best place to go?

Your thoughts appreciated.


Hi Tony,

I went through the same experience some time ago. I assume it's the bit with the centre silencer, two pipes coming out and leading to a Y-piece.

There is a guy in Glasgow who will make a SS exhaust provided you take the old one to him to copy - not practical for me.

I had no luck with trying to find a SS manufacturer locally and eventually went to a main Cit dealer, he produced it within 24 hours but it cost £420.

XM v6 sadist
Hi Derek

I've had a ss exhaust made (cat back) and fitted by Longlife. Looks a little more functional and sounds a little louder, but it is way cheaper than Citroen.

If you are interested I'll send you a pic.


rolleyes.gif I also have a 24v 3.0 V6 and bought an exhaust from Kwik-Fit. Make SURE that they correctly identify your model, because the eshaust is quite different from the previous model. Some parts manuals do not even list the later 24v model, including German, Swedish French car parts.
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