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Full Version Retrofitting Wood Trim To A Series 1 Xm

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Hi XM-iners,

Have seen a picture of a kit for fitting wood trim to the top of the door interior trim and console. However, I've only seen wood trim on a Series 2 XM.

Would appreciate advice as to whether the wood trim can be fitted to either Series. The vendor of the kit doesn't appear to be able to help.

Thanks for your assistance,



I have experience of fitting Mk1 wood trim and leather panels to Mk2 panels. If you just want to fit wood to a Mk1 the you just need to source and fit Leather
/wood trim Mk1 panels and change them. You should be able to buy a full set of good Mk1 wood /leather trim panels and seats for £100. If you buy the panels alone then expect to pay £15 a panel or £50 a set.
I could not get my local Citroen dealer to order just the wood trim for the panels hence me using cut down Mk1 wood.
Be aware that there are 3 different colours of wood trim and some further variations in second hand items due to sunlight fading.
For information there are 4 types of leather front seat (Mk1 with and without explosive seat belts, Mk2's come with a different design of explosive seat belt and can be with or without side air bag, all 4 types have the same fixings to the car but the electric plug changes between Mk1 and Mk2).
Back seats have a different set of variations. The seat backs are a different size (wider) in estate cars and cannot be interchanged with car seats. The seat cusions that you sit on are interchangable between cars and estates. Virtually all Mk1 leather back seats in cars were one piece and not available as split seats.
If you get leather seats etc make sure you get the 2 side squabs for the back seats (different shape for car and estate).



Cheers XMexc,

Thanks for the advice.
Hi Greg

Just realised that it is you looking at the trim retro fitting. We might need a slightly different strategy in view of the shortage of scrap XM's in Australia. I will think about the options and let you know.


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