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Full Version Headlamp interchangeability?

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I have a pair of headlamps another member needs one side of. He sent me a picture of an M reg XM, which has a series 1 radiator grille. My car was a series 2 N reg. I was under the impression that M reg cars were series 2s

To clarify could the M reg car have neen fitted with an earlier grille, and if it is a series 1 car, will the lights from my car fit his?

Bit of a ramble

Thanks, Peter
Hi Peter,

This subject is documented on the other XM forum, in THIS thread.

Noz, if the link is not permitted on this forum (please delete this post) and I apologise in advance if this is the case !

Peter, I hope if may be of help to clear up your concerns.

Series 2 lights can fit Series 1 with a spacer added, but not the other way around.

An M reg car could be either S1 or S2 as that was the break point.
messerschmitt owner
if it is benofoafrica's car, then it is 99% an S1 - I have both headlights for an SI!

Exactly what he needs!
Nifty work with a hacksaw will make a series 1 headlight fit a series 2 car.
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