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Full Version Water Pumps, 8v and turbo

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Is there any differance? as far as I can tell the block on the 8V engine and the turbo is the same, and so the recess it fits in would be the same, and from looking about the impellor on the 8V and turbo is the same, and both have a 20 tooth pulley however on searching Ebay I find the turbo pump lissted as a seperate item, and a lot more than I have found the 8v pump for. If it is differnt how differnt is it?
Everything is the same on the two engines except the pistons, oil pump, and camshaft.
Also any Petrol or derv Xantia waterpumps fit, they are also used by every pug, Fiat, Lancia etc etc biggrin.gif so yes, they are the same.

I see petrol engines are very troublesome, no posts here scince march!, unlike the diesel section!
Watch the water pumps as there are some with and without a cast shield to protect the timing
belt where there's a cut out in the timing cover - least on the Xantia but as the fitment looks
the same and has the same gasket it could catch you out and be worth being vigilant over.

BTW, I'm sure I have some of those buttons spare but no guarantees as many cars I have have
had them broken off before I got them. I'll have a rummage and let you know if I'm lucky
finding some.
Oh I don't actually need the clips that sit inside them!, as they are the same as the intact mk2 ones I have!
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