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It;s about differences between 2.0 TCT and 3.0 V6 12V in terms of acceleration.
Just wanted to find out what you think about it or maybe someone has actually driven both of the engines and can settle this once and for all. Which one is faster then? The 3.0 V6 12V or the good old 2.0 8V TCT? It's the acceleration I'm asking about, not the top speed. Thanks for Your help.

I've driven both models. But the TCT a manual transmission and the V6 auto.
Never tested with a chronometer, though.

In documentation from Citroen I found some data, but then again in real life the numbers often turn out differently. Look at the data and draw your own conclusions. Is one really faster than the other? At what range does it count unsure.gif

-----------------------2.0 TCT -----------------V6
--------------------- Manual/Auto------------Manual/Auto

0- 400 m ------------- 16.6/17.8 -------------16.7/17.5 (sec)
0-1000 m ------------- 30.7/32.5 -------------30.5/32.0 (sec)
0-100 km/h ------------- 9.3/11.2 ------------- 9.7/10.9 (sec)
Thank You for the reply. I guess You must be a considered as a king of the road driving an XM in Japan.
I have both a V612v and 2.0i turbo with manual boxes and the V6 is undoubtedly quicker off the mark - no question about it. The 2.0i has less weight up front admittedly, but the V6 has power in spades! In the 2.0i the turbo doesn't really kick-off until about 3000rpm, at which point it might get somewhere close to the same torque. Regards, Matthew T.
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