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today i see that the radiator inside my car is leaking.

is there a way to get it out without a big gob?

i am starting to not like this car at all

its to old and the parts very expensive
Ken newbold
It's a fairly easy job AND the part is not expensive, apx 40

Just make sure it is the matrix itself that's leaking and not the joint to the pipes on the car. mellow.gif
thank you i will check it

Replacement of the heater matrix will be far easier for you if the car is left hand drive as access to it
is through the right hand side footwell side panel which is obstructed more on RHD models.

The side panel will undo with one large nut at the left end of the panel if looking through the passenger door and certainly on s1 models, a small vent is removed with x2 screws through the

There is just one bolt holding a bracket that has collars that grip a pair of aluminium feed pipes
onto the opening ports of the matrix and just 1 screw holds the matrix into the heater ducting
housing although there is an additional plastic spring lug that grips it and needs gently twisting
a bit to clear it's edge.

Clean all the remnants of water and airtight duct sealing and mirror their positions on the new matrix
which should come with these and a pair of O rings for sealing the aluminium pipes. The rubber feed
hoses onto these just need gently clearing away from the matrix towards the engine bay to allow
the joint to separate for free movement of the matrix.

All in all, on your LHD car this job is very DIY friendly and shouldn't occupy more than 30 minutes?

Happy spannering! Your car is a very rare and desirable version and worth sorting these ageing
pains - it happens on all cars not just Citroens (some not even old!)

thanks for the advice and for all the help

i will do it soon

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