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Hope this is an appropriate place to put this plea.

Does anyone local know anything about this car (advertised at the moment, red VSX reg M827 EWK)? (Tim?) It could get us out of a hole if it's ok, but is 100 miles away and buying Series 11's blind has never proved to be a good move in our experience. Earlier cars seem much better but where have they all gone?
Last owner now has a C5.
Any info gratefully received or any leads on any 2.1 with aircon in a reliable condition. Cosmetics/small niggles not a problem.

Thanks for any help. Rodders & Pat.
Hi Roddew

Have been watching the Bristol 2.5 as I do virtually all ebay 2.5's.
Estates are my preference but have some 2.5 cars as well.
On the Bristol one my thoughts already expressed elsewhere are:
Almost certainly an enthusiast owner who does not prepare when he sells on.
Not a trader despite the use of a fixed price advert.
The very short MOT represents a real risk at the price.
Judging from the mileage it will need all the belts soon.
Average life for 2.5 clutches is 175k so this might be a concern.
Aircon and trim are factory. Alloys are owner addition.
All UK 2.5's were VSX with many M reg ones getting factory extras (launch year).
ABS will be the BENDIX as used on the later Mk1's.
Not a plus for me as I prefer the more reliable TEVES on later Mk2's
Rads, oil in coolant problems and near unique strut heads are 2.5 regulars.
Sourcing many 2.5 spares is neither easy or cheap.
Leather may be showing signs of wear.
Tan survives better than the more usual seude/leather but not as well as black.
Estate leather was typically poorer quality than used in XM cars.
Rust in XM bodyshells is now beginning to show in a fair number of cars.
Because of the galvanising the rust process is unusual as does not tend to show until it is well advanced. XM's seem to rust from the inside outward and under failed sealant/coating layers.
IMHO the only reason Mk1's appear to be fairing better on the rust front is that very few Mk1's were bought as general purpose cars but rather were garaged from day one and looked after. Many Mk2's lived outside. The rust process seems to be associated with car treatment rather than time based. The back end of estates have a particular rust problem.
My summary of this car is bit past mid life, trim slightly above average, would want to inspect it for condition. If that was OK then on todays values £400 as it stands and £650 with a years MOT.



Many thanks, John for your valued thoughts on this one and for the time it must have taken.
We did go to see the car yesterday, but it wasn't for us as we needed to use it soon and there were a few time consuming niggles.
The seller is definitely an XM man. He drove the "Mouseflakes" SED for 6 years and currently has a 2.1 auto. This one he took against his wife's C5, but he prefers a hatch and auto.
The car itself will be fine with some TLC, but I did note the following (he did say others were interested, probably from among our number, but kept his word to keep them at bay until we had travelled to see it..a very fair and decent seeming character).

OSF tyre badly shouldered on inside.
2 different keys, no "plips", one key for ign. other will only lock tailgate and glovebox.
A/C not working..clutch not engaging.
General condition not as good as pictures might indicate, but nothing being previously said he doesn't do "sales prep."
Leather not brilliant, but would come back with treatment.
He admits to a noisy auxilliary belt tensioner.
Service history, much of it by the local Frenchman whose name escapes me.

Certainly worth a look, happy haggling if you do. His name is Gary and he will talk XM's till the cows come home so not a wheeler dealer.
Feel free to PM me if can be of further help.

Rodders& Pat.

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