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Hi Folks,

So another issue: sad.gif
whilst driving I have a rattling noise (seems to come from passenger side) and happens when going over uneven ground or bumps. I am 90% certain its not from the engine block, but something somewhere is loose but cant seem to pin it down!! checked windows, hubs, tailgate but nothing obvious!
Anyone else had a similar issue?

Hi Lakster.

The only thing I can think of that gave me the same problem was my exhaust hitting a small removable crossmember right below the exhaust where it comes down from the engine, I put two or three washers in between the member and the chassis.

This one.....

user posted image

Note the washers laugh.gif

The exhaust system on these is another piece of crap Citroen design.

I've had five XM's now, and I think they've all had knocking exhausts mad.gif


Hi guys,

I reckon your probably right, will have a look asap - only had mine a week and have that Citroen feeling!!! sad.gif

Many Thanks
Hi all.

My exhaust was'nt fitted properly! The cross-over middle exhaust on my estate was hanging down a bit, I removed it and when refitting turned it up towards the chassis a bit more and that lifted it away from the little cross member in the picture, but I still have the washers in there!!!
I've had mine 14 + years now tongue.gif

I Had the same problem the mechanic at quick fit got his blow torch out and changer the angle of the next box down the line and then it fitted perfectly it seems comparing the old and the new the angles were wrong.

Unless it has already been checked and found to be unworn (with the weight of the car lifted off it) I would go straight to the front suspension drop link(s)
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