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Full Version Fuel Pump On 2l Turbo

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Hi all,

I believe the fuel pump has died on my petrol 2 litre turbo - (1998 R Reg). I have sparks, feed to the injectors, feed to the pump, but no pump. Good crank but no fire. All points to an absence of fuel delivery.

Managed to lift out the pump assembly but couldn't see how to disengage the fuel level float arm to remove it completely. Any assistance here would be welcome.

Assuming that I am able to remove the pump, is it possible to dis-assemble the actual pump from the assembly and replace it or do I have to buy a complete replacement unit - Citroen want £200+ for this I understand and 10 days to get it from France. I have seen the pump on its own for just £58, next day delivery.

Even replacing the whole assembly will still involve disconnection from the float arm. I am stuck here and also a little concerned at dropping the arm into the tank, never to be seen again!

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


did u check it was getting power and a ground...
If Lez's point has been considered then for removal the float arm does not to be removed, it should come out of the tank as a whole unit, the motors can be replaced if you can source a new unit which shouldnt be too hard, all you will need to do is solder the + and - feeds to the motor.

good luck

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