It's been a while since i've been on this forum, and I hope everyone is well.

My XM still isn't on the road (I setup my own business in the meantime). I have access to a 4 post lift today and tomorrow though, and i'm in the process of connecting the height adjustment lever rod to the height corrector. My problem is that the rod leading from the front of the car moves backwards when selecting the highest suspension setting, this in turn pushes the small plastic linkage forwards, pushing the diaphragm of the rear height corrector inwards. However, when testing the height corrector, it is when i pull the diaphragm out that the car raises and when i push it in the car lowers. So the movement of the plastic linkage seems to be the exact opposite of what i require for the correct operation of the height corrector

Is the height corrector operating correctly? could i have mixed up the pipes to it?
Could it be a front height corrector unit? or does this make no difference?

Your help, as always, is very gratefully appreciated.