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The passengers side electric mirror that drops when you select reverse gear - is there anyway of making it drop the mirror on the other side instead?

With being on the continent it would be more beneficial if the other one would drop instead.

Would there be anyway of retro-fitting it if I had the required parts from a LHD car, or modify the set-up that I have?

Thanks in advance.
The dropping is done by a wee black Bitron box in the door. I believe all that would be required for it to work in the other door is either transplanting this box (or another one), and the connection to the reversing light switch, which is where it gets the signal to dip.

I'm on tghe lookout for such a box, before i go to trouble of building one from scratch...

oh and you need another mirror too, as the tronics in the box read some varible resistors in the mirror's motor plate.
The good news is that the standard mirror motor and the dipping one use the same 3 screw mounting in the mirror shell. So easy to retro fit to the drivers side. Though if you can get to a Mk2 passenger mirror from a french scrapyard then it will be a dipping one if it is from a VSX or Exclusive.
The bad news is that there are not enough spare contacts/wires running into the drivers door for the dip signal to the mirror.

same three screws.. not entirely accurate, one uses longer screws...
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