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Just a note to all of you with the 2.0l turbo cars I have just had a big scare driving down the road kicked the car down from fourth to second to overtake a car the revs rose to 4000 rpm the car lost power and started missfiring the car and the road vanished in a huge cloud of smoke i eased off and the smoke stopped put my foot down again and no smoke wacko.gif
I got to my workshop and checked the engine over to find that it was breathing very heavy so altered the breather system and fitted an oil catch tank tried the car down the road again with no problems apart from loss of pull from 3000 rpm,
On returning to the workshop i put the car up on a lift as i had noticed a slight blow from the exhaust it was the pipe to the second box as the rear box also looked kruddy i removed the rear section complete and on seperation of the two boxes i found my problem the second box had rotted out inside and all of the wadding had blown to the rear box and blocked the pipe up resulting in a lot of piston blow by and pumping oil out of the breather pipes into the intake i have left these boxes off and fitted a straight through pipe in place of the boxes refitted the original breather pipes and no more problems, cool.gif cool.gif
as this car had stood for nearly a year only starting now and again and over christmas it was used as a gate starting night and morning in most cases not long enough to pump the suspension up we think that all the vapour produced in these short runs soaked the wadding and rotted the internal baffles and pipes the whole system was replaced 6 months before i got it so the system was only 18 months old mad.gif mad.gif


Hi Mick

I would fit an oil catcher anyway, it keeps the intakes nice and clean.
At least you got it sorted, but the whole system rotting out isnt good, i drilled 1mm holes in the bottom of each of the two back boxes on my 2.0i and you would be surprised how much condense runs out on warm up, i easily get a cup full in cold weather! and with yours being the insulated boxes all that acidic condense being sucked into the wadding will kill the system in no time.
Did you go for a stainless system, how much more noise is there? more details on the exhaust please biggrin.gif

Hi Dean
System just a straight pipe with a cherry bomb atm to remove the high freq it is quite loud but this is because the bomb is where the back box should be and it needs to be further forward to tone it down and stop resinance i am working on removing the front box and tuning the bomb to get the exhaust note i want i think the front box is also breaking up as there is bits of wadding etc coming out now,
as the car now pulls better now than it did i think tuning my own free flow system will work i will report how it works out on here,
I am hoping if i use my experiance of making / tuning american v8 systems for the correct note it will work for my xm,
As for the oil catcher i am going to make one that will fit in the area of the breather pipe.

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