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Hi There,

I wonder if anyone can help.

My friend has a 1998 S reg 2.0 Turbo XM and for some reason it is stuck in third gear..

If he puts it in drive, the gearbox goes up to third gear but when he tries to brake it does not drop down

If he puts it in to 1st it will stay in 1st.
If he put it in to 2nd it will stay in 2nd.

Does anyone know what could be possibly be wrong.

Thanks in advance


Has it ever had the autobox oil changed and filter cleaned? This should be done at a maximum of ever 12K miles.

I use Forte automatic treatment in my gearbox, just to help keep it working as it should, you could try some of that, see if it helps.

Checked the oil level?

Not really clued up on how the autobox works, might be best to take it to a specialist if the above doesnt help. There is nothing else you can do, without a vast autobox knowledge. A box rebuild could get costly.
The autobox is a much discussed topic around here.

How many miles has the car done?

If you're lucky, it may be something simple, like a cable needing adjusted, or perhaps less simple (but infinitely less painful than a box rebuild), a problem with the valve block, as one of our members has very recently experienced.

First things first, fluid changes, do one immediately. It costs nothing (in comparison to the cost of the box dying anyway), and may well resolve minor problems.

How often has the fluid been done, to your knowledge? Is it a nice burnt smelling filthy colour when extracted? Really you should do it every 5k or so, the Citroen reccomendation of 10-12 is a bit optimistic to say the least...

What fluid has been used in it? Please don't say Dextron III....

Hi Didds, is it the 4hp20? i'm not sure if it was married to this engine.If so this fail mode is a get you home regime by the ecu and from the manual i have is an electronic fault caused by probable wiring/connector fault on one of the solenoids.Will sift through in more depth to see if i can find an answer.
Sounds to me like its a broken/weak spring in the valve block that returns one of the valves, a common problem aparently, but i dont know enough about the 4hp18 box yet to be sure.........soon though.

Hi again Didds, just found the spec sheets, no the 4hp20 was not fitted to the 2.0l engines so ignore previous post.I can't find any reason for the 4hp18 to be stuck in 3rd other than a selector lever/cable problem.Can you feel any of the detents when moving the selector through all of it's positions?Can you manually select sequentially 1,2,3 and r?If manual selection is ok then the 3 items controlling auto shift are the governor, and the throttle cable or vacuum modulator/tubing, as i have no experience of the petrol engine/autobox config either of the latter two could be used - but not both.If the modulator is fitted and the vacuum tube is not damaged then a quick suck on the tube disconnected from the manifold will tell you if the modulator is kaput, you should be able to hold a vacuum.If a cable is fitted, disconnect from the throttle quadrant and check it moves freely when you gently push and pull it to it's detents, there should be no binding or stiffness, just a smooth movement.If either of these checks as applicable is ok and manual selection is ok, it will be a goveror fault.This can be repaired without g/box removal.
Thanks guys for the quick reply..

Just been on the phone to my mate.

@Citroenmad: The oil levels are fine

@Ciaran: The care has done 78,000 and he just change the oil two prior to it giving him problem he used something called Comma (he thinks the bottle reads MVATS5L)
I have suggested the cable adjustment to him. i also also printed out the link the you suggested.

@robertmnorton: He is not sure what gear box it is but what you have described about the fail mode is exactly what he is getting..
If you can have a quick look at the manual you have that will be great..

Funny enough he has two Xm's and older L reg that has been sitting on his drive for some time He is taking the gearbox off from that. but having a lot of grief.. He was told that it would fit.

Thanks again for all your help
Thanks robertmnorton I have asked him to check this...

But at the moment he is have problems starting the car.. He think the Coil pack has gone and the car sounds like it is trying to fire in the wrong order...

Is the selector something that can be notice while the car is not running..

@dean: thanks . I have mentioned that to him Ciaran gave me a link..

Sorry Didds, i accidentally moused over "add reply" before finishing reply, check posting again for full post.
If the HP18 box is an electronic box my guess would bea speed sensor fault which allows the box to reach 3rd before selecting 'limp home' mode.

Once in limp home it will use the last good gear used to keep the car mobile.
It is the 4hp18 fitted to the turbo, and it is not electronicaly controlled, it only uses a cable operated throttle position sensor (kickdown) there are no other inputs to the box.

Hi dieselman, the 4hp18 is a purely hydro-mechanical box in operation, the only electrics being the selector switches giving gear position indication,reverse functions (lights,indexed passenger door mirror) and start inhibit, a temp sensor for cooling fan operation and o/heat warning.
I think the temperature sensor was not fitted to all 4hp18q transmissions, the ones i have only have the inhibitor switch on the selector that also does the reverse lights, but the turbo box although also a 4hp18q has the oil temperature sensor fitted aswell.

What made me think it might be electric is people saying it won't change into top until 40mph. If it's mechanical it should change up under light load or maybe the governor could be adjusted to allow an earlier change.

Mind you if taking the 2.1TD running at 28mph/1000 revs then 40mph is 1400rpm. Would you want it any lower.?
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