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Full Version Heater Hose Part Number?

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Does any member know the part number for the heater to thermostat housing hose for a S2 2.0 TCT? Is it the same on all XMs or does it vary according to model as I think it does?

I need a replacement to tidy up the LPG installation that was done before I got the car. The T piece where the gas kit taps into the heater circuit was leaking but on further investigation I've found there's a sort of blister on the heater hose, I can't tell if there's water in it and I'm not prepared to puncture it to find out. So in the meantime I'm back to my C5.

Thanks in anticipation.

Steve, there used to be a free download of the S2 spares manual on the internet. Sorry I can't remember the address but if you haven't got it I'll CD a copy and send it to you.

Are the hoses on here what you are after.?

If so p/n 7 is 1351K7

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the offer that would be great. If you have a paypal account I can pay you for 'expenses'? I'll send you a PM if that's OK?

Hi Dieselman,

Thanks. That looks like the part I need so I'll pop a posting in the wanted section, I'm not sure I can stretch to dealer prices at the moment.


Im sure they are the same on both the N/A and the turbo and i should have a set in the garage, if not i can get them off the tct estate if its secondhand ones your after as a stop gap?

'I'm not sure I can stretch to dealer prices at the moment'

Quite understandable when the Citroen quoted price is £80.63!! How they can justify this sort of price beats me.

Good luck with sourcing a replacement.

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the offer, I'll be in touch.

Hi Steve, for the pennies involved it's not worth bothering about. Just email me your address.

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