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Hi Guys

Decision made to break my spare motor for ---- spares ! So. question is what is the most effective way to do this ? I'm thinking in terms of removing the nose cone and rads and then lifting the body off the complete subframe / power unit assembly, which I guess is the reverse of how they assemble them. Shall be looking to salvage gearchange cables etc., but not fussed about snipping small bore hydraulic pipes if it's more convenient than grovelling to extract awkward lengths of them.
All thoughts welcome.

Hi Mike. If you have the space why not keep it whole and remove the bits as required? I had to change a twisted chassis in a lorry one time and honestly the bits took up more space than the whole lorry did before I stripped it!
Hi Bob

Don't have the space to store it undercover and I think left outside, lots of the key bits will simply corrode or be affected by damp. Plus, as we all know, the danger is you wind up with a yard full of corpses that never quite fulfil their promise. (Been there, done that !). This of course is the one significant drawback of the suspension system on these -- once you lose the means to pressurise it, it becomes that much harder to wheel the thing about.
Game plan will be (so far) after removing power unit and subframe, to plop the remains on the trailer, complete the strip and then that will leave the residue ready to take away.

Hi mike

I do it like this,

drain all fuel, and oils etc
Nose off, rads, engine and box etc
strip interior, sunroof etc
any panels, glass exterior fittings get removed before you......
put a matress down next to the car and using a engine hoist and two friends roll it onto its side, onto the matress, the shape of the xm means it stays on its side resonably well but support it with props just in case.
Remove rear subframe, and any pipes and hydraulics easerly
Roll it back, and phone the scrap man.

Its not pretty but i find its the quickest way, with less groveling around, to get it striped.

Are there no customers for front wings, bumpers etc.?

I do take them off, but with postage no one wants them, i have 3 pairs now, 2 bonnets, 2 sunroof's.
The front bumper comes of with the whole front end but all the body panels survive being rolled with the car untouched if you use the matress.

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