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Hi guys.
Im a owner of a citroen XM 2.1 td(1990)...and i today i decided read the manual.It says that the right screen(board computer) can display the consuption but it only show the temperature and clock...
how do i change it?(it doesn't have the butom i think...)

I don't think any 2.1's have the trip computer fitted, but just in case I'm wrong unsure.gif the button for the trip comp. is on the end of the right hand (wiper) stalk.

For the diesel I believe that the trip computer was only fitted to later Mk2 XM's fitted with electronic injection control ie the 2.1TD with the Lucas EPIC system and the 2.5TD with the electronic Bosch system. The relevant ECU does the sums for MPG, average speed etc using the information from the various engine sensor inputs.

As far as I know, all the 2.1's registered after January 96 had the EPIC pump and therefore the potential to have the computer readout and I know of at least one 'P' reg VSX that had the later type display.

Definately earlier 2.1TD don't have this finction.
My "R" Reg Has all the bells and whistles the only thing it lacks which i miss is the electric armrest
There you are. You can't please all the people all the time.

My Exclusive has everything - even the electric armrest which, once set, is never again used.

Sorry, there's one thing it doesn't have, CUP HOLDERS!!!!! sad.gif

Ah derek it does have cup holders when you have passengers in the car cool.gif

Ok, thanks guys.

I use this topic to ask one more thing. My turbo gauge @dashboard...i think its broken, it doesn't move when i raises like its temperature when i go highway..maybe mechanic pluged the wrong cable? or the sensor broke?
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