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Can anybody help me to resolve my overheating and loss of water problem?

1996 - XM TD Exclusive Auto with a 2088 cc engine. Every few days I need to top up the water level, about 2l at a time.
Are you sure that it is actually overheating? I think it more likely that water is being blown out of the overflow due to a leaking head gasket. Look for signs of anti freeze staining around the filler cap. If it is overheating, which is very rare on the 2.1 , it is probably the radiator is furred up. If it has done 100 - 150k miles, and not had a head gasket, thats favourite

I put my money on a pin hole in the Rad. They open up once the car has been running and then reseal themselves, a bugger to find.

You probably wont even get any puddles as they steam off the water as you drive.

Has the oil got water in it or vice versa.

Start her up and open the Rad Cap, any big air bubbles?

Unless you have any of the above I wouldnt worry too much.

Rad change on a 2.1 - Mornings work for first attempt (Ive now done two)- £80 ish from GSF

Put your hand on your drivers carpet just to see if its wet from your heater matrix

If you do need a new rad, make sure you get the right one. I ordered one for my '96 manual and it was the wrong one, some of the early ones use a '95 type radiator, the one with jubilee clips rather than the 'clip in socket' arrangement.

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