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Full Version Prv V6 Idle Actuator Issue

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Martin, the gentleman who is Pleiades has posted this on the FCF:

On behalf of a customer of mine in Canada.

He has an XM V6 on this car he had what someone described as a fault with the idle actuator, the mechanics cure was to cut the wires and block off the unit and bin it.

Now the problem is that I have told him that the idle actuator rarely fails, it normally just needs a real good clean up using carb cleaner, he has done this and wants to re-fit the actuator but as the plug has been cut from the end of the wiring loom he now has 3 wires and does not know how to connect it.

Can anyone give me any readings on the ends of the wiring that may tell him what goes where and I shall pass it on to him.

Ta in advance for any info.


Martin tells us it's the earlier XM V6 with the PRV engine and all three wires are yellow...

Can anyone help Martin please?

Many thanks!

on mine all 3 are green, do you still need help?

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